Water Project

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Water Filter Project
• After our testing and selection process was done in 2018, we picked the Gift of Water filtration system which uses a combination of chlorine, a string filter, and a charcoal filter that removes 99.99% of viruses and 100% of E. Coli bacteria.
• In 2018, based on the suggestion of Father Voltaire, we have picked and hired our first Gift of Water local technician, Desir Ambroise.
• During our trip Paul Roell met and worked with Desir and was impressed with him.
• Desir distributed the first 50 water filter systems on January 4, 2019. He provided a list of the names that received the systems.
• Paul discussed his payment structure and that he would receive his first monthly payment in February, $50. When Desir distributes the next 100 units, his monthly pay will be increased by $25 to $75 for 200 systems. If he distributes 300 systems, he will be paid $100 per month.
• Paul also told Desir that we will pay him $10 per month when we add new water technicians as he manages and mentors the new technicians.
• Desir and Paul visited a couple of homes with the water filter system. The first family immediately dispensed some water in a glass and gave it to Paul to drink.
• Paul will get a date from Fr. Voltaire to begin to distribute the systems to the next 50 families. He will also get a list for the next 100 families.
• Our goal is to distribute 1500 systems over the next several years. The initial cost per filter system is $50 USD plus the ongoing monitoring and supplies will equal an additional $60.
• The introduction and continuation of this essential program will require a lot of financial support. The overall cost of this project is estimated at $160,000, and it will take about 8 years to introduce to all families. We are in need of 90% of this funding yet.
• The introduction of the filtered water systems will introduce clean water to the families. This will help with the problems associated with consuming unclean water such as diarrhea, worms, and sometimes death.
• Clean water is the most basic necessity of life, and it is difficult to image that in the year 2019 there are still people so close to the USA that don’t even have clean water.
Gift of Water
​We are excited to announce another expansion to our Gift of Water program.
​We recently purchased an additional 200 systems bringing the total systems
​ in the community to 800. Each system serves an estimated five people,
​bringing ​ clean water to 4,000 people! This program provides two-bucket water
​purification systems to families in Gandou. The families receive chlorine and
​training when they are enrolled in the program. Additionally, a trained water
​technician visits each family monthly to ensure they systems are functioning
​and that the families are using them correctly. Along with purchasing additional
​ buckets, we also trained and hired an additional water technician as part of the
​expansion. Mariala will join our current technicians, Desir, Almonzy, and
​Sauveur (front row in photo)
, in bringing clean water to the community.

​ During the cholera outbreak in Haiti, clean water is more important than ever.
​Our year-round clinic physician, Dr. Marseille, has spent time educating the
​community on the importance of clean water and good sanitation. He recently
​worked with a public health nurse to provide a training session to the school
​children in the church.