Road Repair Grant
The road leading up the mountain to our sister parish was severely damaged during the Fall of 2007 hurricanes. The road, which was made by the parishioners of St. Francois Xavier in Gandou, mostly by hand, is the only way other than foot paths to reach our sister parish. In December, 2008, we received a $5000 grant to help repair the road from the Poor Handmaid’s of Jesus Christ in Donaldson, IN.

The grant was given to St. Anthony’s thanks to Dr. Frances Gallinatti. Sr. Fran is a member of the Poor Handmaid’s order. She is a full time missionary in Mexico who has used her time off several times over the last few years to be a part of our medical trips to Gandou. Upon learning of the damage to the road, she sought and received the grant for our sister parish.