Haiti Missionary Trip Packing List

Over the years we have created the following document to help people plan and pack for their upcoming trip to Haiti for a week-long medical mission trip. We have found that there is so much to do to prepare for a trip like this that everyone can use one document that guides them through the process. As long as you start the packing process a little early there everything should go smoothly. It is important not to get overwhelmed. Just hang in there and everything will come together. If you have any questions please let us know. We have done this many times. One of our top goal is for people on the trip to feel as prepared for the trip as possible so when in doubt please call us and don’t guess. We are very excited about the trip and I hope you are also. We are looking forward to working along side you as we serve God’s poor in Haiti.

Step 1 – Passport:
If you are even thinking about going on a trip to Haiti you should go ahead and get your passport. You will need some type of proof of citizenship most often people use a birth certificate for this. You will also need proof of identity most often people use their driver’s license for this. You must also provide two photo’s of yourself that meet the following criteria:
• 2x2 inches in size.
• Identical
• Taken within the last 6 months showing current appearance.
• Must be in color.
• Full face, front view with white or off white background.
• 1 inch to 1 3/8 inches from of chin to the top of the head.
• Should be taken with normal street attire. If you wear glasses they should be included.
You will also have to provide your social security number at the time you apply for the passport. If you have less than about 4 months before the trip we would suggest you pay the extra money and expedite your passport. We have had way to many people get talked into not getting their passport expedited and they don’t get the passport until a day before the trip or don’t get it at all. Lately we have heard that passports are coming very quickly so we will leave it up to you to decide if you want to expedite the passport or not.

Step2- Plane Tickets:
If you have not gotten your plane tickets yet please let us know so that we can help if need be. We always want to make sure everyone gets on the plane together for the ride down and back if at all possible. If there is a good reason that we will not be on the same flight as you from the original location then we want to make sure we are on the same flights into and out of Haiti. The process for getting into Haiti and to where you need to go in Haiti is a bit difficult so we would not want anyone to do it by themselves without experience first. Please contact us after you have your plane ticket we would like make sure you got the correct one and everyone should arrive in Haiti at the same time.

Step3 – Vaccinations:
The next step is that we need to get you to your doctor or to some clinic for your vaccines for the trip. Our suggestion is to simply go to the doctor and tell them that you are going on a medical mission trip to Haiti. Make sure to mention that you are going on a medical mission trip so that they know you may be more exposed that if you were simply going to sight see. Some of these medicines need to be started weeks before you go on the trip therefore we suggest you go to the doctor early. In the past our doctors have recommended the following:
1. Hep. A (this medicine must be started at least two weeks before the trip). This is a multi-shot series and you need at least one shot before the trip.
2. Hep. B
3. Typhoid (if you have an injection must be started at least 2 weeks before the trip, if pills must finish 1 week before)
4. Malaria prevention (we strongly suggest the medicine Chloroquine for Malaria, which must be started 1 week before the trip. If anything else is given to you for Malaria please ask the doctor why not Chloroquine and call us and we can talk about this.)
5. A Polo booster was suggested in the past, but is no longer required.
6. Tetanus booster if you have not had one in the last 5 years or so.

Packing List