New Clinic Open as of 29 January 2024

Old Clinic
New Medical Clinic
Patients visits on first Day
Patients Assessment
Dr. Marseille with Patients
New Medical Beds
New Pharmacy and Filling Prescriptions
New Health Care Clinic
The parishioner of St Anthony, St. Louis and St. Mary’s in Greensburg have been exceptionally generous. The same is true of many other in the these communities and beyond as the fundraising for the clinic itself is complete and fundraising to equip the clinic is nearly complete.
We are very excited to share that the new clinic opened on 29 January 2024. The walls are up, the roofs are complete, doors and windows are installed, the clinic is painted, electrical and plumbing are underway. Through donations and purchases we have shipped exam beds, medical carts, dental instruments, waiting room chairs, shelving and more. The archdiocese blessed the building in December. There is still a bit to do. Cabinets will be built, and solar power will be installed soon. Click here to see a video of the new clinic.