Mission Trip - June 12 - 20, 2012 
June 2012 Mission Team

2012 June Mission Team

Medical doctors:
​Dr. Pablo Chagoya (Chicago) and Dr. Stephanie Eugene (Chicago)

​Bonnie Krekeler (Batesville), Karen FastTrack (Chicago), Germain Geselaine (Haitian Nurse)

Dr. Peterson St Felix (Haiti)

​Laikaard Wilkens (Haiti), San Louis (Haiti), Joseph (Haiti), Steve (Haiti)

Support people:
​Eunice Miller (Batesville), Cindy McCullough (Indianapolis), Patty Klene (Milhousen),
​Seth Lane (Iowa), ​Joe Rennekamp (Sunman)

Note:Fr. Nexcene was only with the group for the first two days of the trip. He left to help chaperone a group of young Haitians attending World Youth Day in Brazil. We were able to discuss many of the current projects, but some questions came up later in the week that will need discussed further when Fr. Nexcene visits St. Anthony’s in September.