Mission Trip - January, 2014

Overall Missions Goal:   Serve God’s beloved poor

Mission Focuses:
1. Continue to build sister parish relationship and understand current status of ongoing projects.
2. Provide health care for the people of our sister parish in the following ways:
    a. Run medical clinic/pharmacy and provide the best possible medical care to the greatest number possible.
    b. Provide Echo-cardiograms using a $100,000 portable echo brought on the trip by one of the team members.
    c. Run dental clinic and provide cleanings, extractions, and restorations. Continue to assess new Haitian dental team to determine if 
        using them in the future is beneficial.
    d. Create ID cards for patients for best possible patient tracking.
    e. Work for the fifth time side by side with the Haitian nurse which was hired to work in our sister parish.
    f. Continue with our referral program and referral patient tracking which provides the support for the people in our sister parish to get
       health care in the cities of Jacmel or Port-au-Prince when we are not in Haiti.
    g. Transport emergency cases from Gandou to Port-au-Prince using our truck.
    h. Involve the 3 students we are sponsoring to go to university in our clinic work and allowing them to run the ID card table/computer
3. Work to obtain visa for a patient in our sister parish that needs to come to the USA for surgery and bring her back to the USA with us.
4. Provide opportunity for our team to experience Haiti and especially our sister parish.

                                            Gandou Mission Team:
• 1 Nurse: Germain Giselaine (Haitian)
• 4 Doctors: Dr. Pablo Chaygo (Chicago), Dr Stephanie Eugene (Chicago), Dr. Junirose (Chicago), Dr. Katrina Mattingly (Chicago)
• 4 Dentists: Robert Ghering (Cincinnati, OH), Dr. Peterson (Haitian), Dr. Andre (Haitian), Dr. Patrick (Haitian)
• 1 Hygienist: Fran Grebel (St. Louis, IL)
• 1 Echocardiogram expert: Chip Poloski (San Diego)
• 2 Pharmacists: Hester Hommel (Cincinnati, OH), Paul Weckenbrock (Dover, IN)
• 5 Translators: Laikaard, San Louis, Dillon, Walfis, Pipen
• 9 Support people: Stephanie Gunselman (Batesville), Seth Lane (Iowa), Joan Griewe (Greensburg), Mathias Kemnitzer (Columbus, 
      IN), Kevin Altevogt (Michigan) Joe Rennekamp (Sunman)