Mission Trip - January, 2009

A group representing St. Anthony’s held a week long medical/dental clinic at our sister parish during January. The group included two doctors, a nurse practitioner, two nurses, a pharmacist, two support people, and Fr. Pascal. During the week they saw 981 patients and all of the school children in the clinic. One of the doctors devoted a large part of the week to training the local health workers in Gandou. Additionally, a Haitian dentist the group hired saw 153 patients and pulled almost 300 teeth. Toothbrushes and toothpaste were left for all of the school children and a fluoride program was also started to allow the children at the school to receive a weekly fluoride rinse.

During the week members of the team had the opportunity to visit the school and the local market. On Sunday they attended a beautiful Mass, which was concelebrated by Fr. Pascal. On Sunday afternoon they were able to hike to the spring where the community has to go to get their water and had time to visit with families in the area. 

Here is a letter written by one of team members of the trip.
January 2009 Mission Team
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