Earthquake Damage
News from Gandou

We received the following e-mail from Fr. Nexcene on Thursday morning, a day and a half after the earthquake:

With God's help we are Ok in Gandou. Only many of us have many houses which are broken. Part of the rectory is broken, the church is very damaged, the houses of many people in Gandou are destroyed. We need much aid for Haiti. We have many people in Haiti who have died. Gandou has many, most people who have lost all in their houses: money, clothes, furniture, etc. Everyone is praying for Haiti. At this time, it means a lot for us Haitians.

Thank you very much for thinking of Gandou right now. We are waiting for your presence, even if we do not have houses, we can sleep in tents. Please do not forget to bring air mattresses and if possible some soccer balls for the school children.
God Bless America,
Fr. Nexcene Confident