Fr. Voltaire, pastor at Gandou, Haiti, wrote the ​following message to describe the video titled, corvée:

In previous years, the corvée was synonymous with the ​fraternity of the Haitian peasants. Suddenly, after the ​emergence of international organizations, commonly ​referred to as NGOs, the situation was changed.  These ​organizations come to the country with the idea of ​helping ​our dear peasants: Of course, the idea was noble, ​but when ​we go to the bottom, we see that this idea has ​caused much ​more harm to the country than to help ​The country to ​advance as it was believed.

In the old days, the peasants agreed to get together, sow ​and even harvest the land, which favored the archaic ​system of Haitian agriculture, these days each one to be ​God for all.​​


​In this video, you will discover in spite of everything, there ​are certain places in the country where you can live the ​past. That is, the true meaning of the life of Haitian ​peasants.  I took care of filming this group of Haitian ​peasants in the ​parish where I am exercising my priestly ​ministry on a ​parish ground. It was Saturday, June 10, 2017, you can ​imagine how joy had returned in my heart. When I see them lift together the picks, which until today ​still symbolize their machines to plow the earth.  I would like to send a message to the leaders of the ​country that everything is not lost, there are still values of ​the Haitian peasantry that if we allow ourselves to be ​manifested by goodwill, Image of the country.