​​​New Medical Clinic
Our big construction project right now is the new medical
​clinic. Crews broke ground on the building in April.​ Despite
​delays due to a rainy spring, they are making good progress.
​ Initial work included transporting materials to Gandou and
​land prep. Now, they are beginning to lay the foundation.
Once completed, the new clinic will replace our small
​two-room clinic. It will allow for patient privacy (currently
​the waiting area, examination area, and nursing station are
​all in the same 16x16ft room). It will also have running
​water ​and electricity. There will be space for future
​expansion ​including laboratory and imaging capabilities.
Currently we have enough funding to complete the main
​building. We are still seeking funds for additional things such
​as solar paneling, finishing the courtyard, public latrines,
​clinic furnishings, and painting. We continue to prioritize
​our existing projects, so we ask that you not redirect your
​regular giving to the clinic construction; however, if you
​feel called to give above and beyond your regular support
​of the Haiti Ministry, donations are greatly appreciated.
Here is a link to more photos.

​​​​​​​​​​​​Tax deductible donations can be made by check to​ ​and sent to the parish
​office at      St. Anthony ​Haiti Ministry
​                   P.O. Box 3,
​                   Morris, IN 47033​​