Medical Referral Patients
Our first referral patient was on our first trip. Members of the group pitched in to leave $400 so that a small boy could receive hernia surgery. Since that time over 30 people have received further care for their conditions. These patients have included two surgeries for osteomyelitis (bone infection), 9 hernia surgeries, and 2 hydrocele surgeries. Each of these surgeries, including all consultations/medicine/follow-up/transportation, cost only between $300-$400. This is a relatively small amount when you consider the impact this has on the patients’ life.

In addition to referral care that the Haiti Ministry is funding, we have been able to help some patients find care through other organizations in Haiti. This past March, several people from Gandou received cataract surgery at a charity eye hospital in Port-au-Prince. We are currently working with another organization to bring a young patient with a heart problem to the United States for surgery.

​​Although we have helped many people receive the care they need, more are still waiting. Each trip, far more people are identified for referrals than we have the funds to help. If you feel called to help some of these people, donations can be made at the parish office or placed in the collection baskets in an envelope marked Haiti referrals.

Since January 2006, St. Anthony’s has been sending medical teams to our sister parish two times each year. During the last weeklong clinic, the group treated over 1100 people in the medical clinic and over 100 people in the dental clinic who would otherwise not have access to medical care. Unfortunately, there are always patients identified who have needs beyond our basic clinic. This has led us to begin working on ways to refer these patients to receive the care they need.

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