Ministry in Gandou, Haiti
                                       Gandou Ministry
​​​St. Anthony Catholic Parish in Morris, IN and St. Louis Catholic Parish in
​Batesville, IN are co-twinning with their sister parish, St. Francis Xavier
​Catholic Parish in Gandou, a rural area in the mountains of south-central
​Haiti. Since January 2006 for St. Anthony Catholic Parish and June 2015
​for St. Louis Catholic Parish, they have been helping to provide medical
​care for the people of Gandou, Haiti. There are around 10,000 people
​living in the area. The area is very remote and the people have very little
​access to medical care. The nearest doctor is a five-hour walk and the
​nearest hospital is a six-hour walk. It is very difficult for sick patients to
​reach care. Many people in the area suffer needlessly, and some even die,
​from easily treatable conditions.

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The Mission: Serve the poorest people in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti.

Goal and Purpose: Provide health care, food, education, and love to ease the suffering and strengthen the poorest people of Haiti with the purpose of leading them to the point that they can care for themselves and become self-sufficient.